Maternity & Newborn Session

What clothing should I wear to the session?

The most important thing to bring is anything you feel comfortable in and any outfits that you absolutely love!! It is best to avoid any strong patterns, stripes or plaids unless they are a style that represents you best, and also be mindful to avoid any clothing with logos. The colors that work best are solid colors like black, brown, white… try to avoid wearing any bright colors. The style of tops can vary from turtlenecks, long sleeve, deep scoop necks… variety is always nice because it allows you to have options day of. As far as pants, jeans work well in any color and black yoga pants work great too!

Besides clothing, there are other preparations that should be considered. You will want to style your hair for the day of the photo shoot, we want you to feel confident and comfortable during the shoot which makes this as equally as important as clothing. Make-up should also be worn for your shoot, please make sure that it is natural and subtle… any bright colors should be avoided. One last detail to keep in mind are your nails as there will be a few shots involving your hands, and other poses involving bare feet. A manicure, pedicure, or simple trimmed painted nails will work good. The paint color should be natural tones, solid colors that compliment the outfits that you will be wearing during the shoot.

What should my husband/partner and children wear?

The same things to keep in mind, have any family members that will be involved in the shoot wear anything they feel most comfortable in. Husbands should wear either jeans or khaki pants. As far as tops, the same rules apply… avoid stripes, plaids, and logos. A plain white button up shirt, white, black, brown, gray crew neck t-shirts.

As far as children, boys should dress following the same styles as the men. Simple clothing works best as well as comfort! Girls can follow the same rules as well, no strong patterns or designs unless of course it is an outfit that is important to you. Dresses, tops matched with leggings, jeans, skirts… all these styles work good.

How should I prepare my newborn for the session?

An hour before our scheduled session please have your baby wear lose fitting clothes (no socks, or anything that has elastics) and have the diaper loosely on as well, this is done to prevent any red lines or marks from appearing on the baby’s skin. It might be best to schedule in a feeding session when I first arrive, that way I can set up all of my props and blankets in the meantime and the baby will have a full tummy by the time we are ready to start and a full tummy equals a sleepy baby! However, if your baby is sleeping soundly when I do arrive, then no worries! Let them keep sleeping and I’ll just start snapping away! I will always work around the baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules so that the session goes smoothly and your little one is happy! Happy babies turn pictures into beautiful memories!

As far as clothing for your baby, there is none required. I photograph newborns in their bare skin to document all the fuziness and soft folds of skin that is part of this stage in their new life! If there is an outfit that you would like to see them wear, please limit it to only one because multiple wardrobe changes can upset them.

Is there anything else that I should bring to the photo shoot?

As far as props, bring anything that you would like incorporated. These may include baby outfits, baby shoes, any stuffed animal, ultrasound picture, baby blankets, hats, or any other small item that holds meaning.

If there are also any poses that you wanted to try out please email me in advance with any suggestions and I will gladly try my best to recreate the picture in your mind into a photograph!

A few last notes… the location for the newborn shoot must be kept at warm temperatures (around 75 degrees). This will keep the room nice and warm for your baby during the photo shoot and help them to be sleepy and comfortable. Please keep in mind also that we need the room to be quiet as well during the shoot so as not to disrupt your baby and unintentionally wake them up, any family members that will not be involved in the shoot that day (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) should not come along while the shoot is taking place and any young children should be monitored and taken care of when they are not part of the photo session. The main goal is to keep the baby happy and sleepy and all of the aforementioned notes help in that recipe!

If there are any questions or concerns you have, please let me know and we can definitely discuss them!