About Me

Everyone, I believe, has that one picture that they hold onto through the years. That picture that they have memorized every little detail simply because it captured a memory so beautifully they never want to forget the exact moment it was taken. I have one of those pictures... actually I think I might have several! I strive to capture those frames, not only because having that moment frozen in time forever in a photograph is priceless in itself but more importantly because of what happens afterwards... the feelings and innate bond that those images stir up long after the picture was taken. When you see that picture for the first time and are just left without words... because everything that you've ever felt, thought, dreamt, envisioned is just perfectly captured in that one frame.

" Katia Fratticci Photography is a Lifestyle Photographer in Long Island, NY Who specializes in curating Fine Art and Lifestyle Photography "



As passionate as I am about photography, I am just as in love with my family! Currently in the throes of parenthood, with a six year old monkey... I meant son and our little munchkin who turned four this year! You can't name a park in a 20 mile radius of my house that we haven't explored and discovered every single inch of! And I can talk arts & crafts all day long with ya! I am a proud momtographer and I'm sure you'll hear just as much clicking coming from my camera as footsteps running around our home, roars from my live in pretend dinosaur, and bad but earnest renditions of children's nursery rhymes!

Please take a look around my website and leave any comments or questions you may have. I would absolutely love to capture those indescribable moments for your family in the Long Island, New York area so please contact me at info@katiafratticciphotography.com and lets catch up!